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  1. Fulham Supporters’ Trust

  2. 21 March 2018

The Fulham Supporters' Trust are delighted to inform our members that Hammersmith and Fulham Council granted planning permission for Fulham Football Club's plans to increase the capacity of Craven Cottage to 29,600 seats by redeveloping the Riverside Stand at tonight's Planning and Development Committee meeting at Hammersmith Town Hall.

Commenting on Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s approval for a new riverside stand at Craven Cottage, Chair of Fulham Supporters’ Trust, Tom Greatrex, said:

“This is an important decision for the future of Fulham Football Club, and keeping Fulham’s football team at the heart of our historic community of Fulham. Most local people value what the club brings to the community, and better facilities and opening up the river walk are benefits to the club, fans and community. Fulham fans want to see the club to continue to engage with and respect our neighbours as this new stand is built, so we can all continue to benefit from our unique and historic setting for decades to come."

The Trust welcomes this news and looks forward to working with Fulham Football Club, local residents, our members and all Fulham fans as we move towards the implementation of these ambitious plans.

Thank you for your continued support of the Fulham Supporters' Trust

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The FST meeting with FFC at Motspur Park

  1. Fulham Supporters’ Trust

  2. 13 March 2018

Michael Gregg and Dan Crawford of the Fulham Supporters’ Trust met with Alistair Mackintosh (AM, chief executive officer), Carmelo Mifsud (CM, communications media relations manager), Casper Sylsvig (CS, chief revenues officer) and Darren Preston (DP, chief operating officer) of Fulham Football Club at Motspur Park on Tuesday 13 March. The Trust and the Club were joined by Anne Ramage of the Hammersmith and Fulham Safety Advisory Group to discuss policing and safety issues at Craven Cottage later in the meeting.

AM welcomed everybody to the meeting and relayed that Anne Ramage from the Hammersmith and Fulham Safety Advisory Group had asked to attend in order to observe the structured dialogue between Fulham Football Club and the supporters’ trust.


The Club had announced the increase in season ticket prices earlier in the week. In response to questions from the Trust, AM said that the decision had been reached after consideration of a number of factors, including the cost of the continued price freeze since Fulham had been relegated to the Championship in 2014, the loss of the parachute paraments from next season and the impact of potentially playing in front of reduced attendances due to the planned redevelopment of the Riverside Stand in the near future.

CS told the meeting that the initial response from existing season ticket holders and supporters had been positive and that he hoped to convert a number of fans who had been attending matches regularly at Craven Cottage this season into season ticket holders. In response to questions from the Trust, AM confirmed that final ticketing prices for next season were currently being discussed internally but that it was likely that the Club’s policy of stretch pricing would continue. He also wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Fulham fans for their excellent continued support, which had been regularly referenced by the players and coaching staff during Fulham’s excellent recent unbeaten run.

In other ticketing news, the Club confirmed that discussions around the final arrangements for away travel were underway internally as well as Fulham’s main team sponsor and would be announced soon.


AM confirmed that the Club’s planning application to redevelop the Riverside Stand at Craven Cottage would be heard by Hammersmith and Fulham Council’s Planning and Development Committee on Tuesday 20 March.

As Trust members will know, subsequent to this meeting with the Club, the Council’s Planning and Development Committee approved the plans in line with the Council officers’ recommendations. The Club will now proceed with the appointment of a main contractor to carry out the building works and the Trust will continue to work closely with the Club during this next phase of work. The Club and the Trust have also agreed to liaise further around the proposed relocated of existing season ticket holders in the Riverside Stand and the Trust will keep our members informed of developments in due course.


Following discussions with CS, it was agreed that the proposed meetings with supporters concerning the current matchday experience, hospitality offer and food and drink at Craven Cottage would be rescheduled for after the end of the season. This decision was taken to ensure the maximum possible attendance and to ensure that there was as little disruption to matchday operations at Craven Cottage as possible.

The Trust raised several safety issues brought to our attention by supporters in the Hammersmith End during recent home matches, including some lack of stewarding at entrances to and exits from the stand. Following further discussion with DP, it was agreed that the Trust would put these matters in writing for his attention and the Club would undertake an immediate investigation. The Trust also raised continuing issues regarding stewards blocking the view of some supporters seated in the Johnny Haynes Stand and DP confirmed that this would be taken up immediately.

Several supporters have also raised further concerns about the quality of the public address system at Craven Cottage. CM and CS confirmed that the Club have carried out additional tests on the PA system and implemented some changes that should deliver improvements for Fulham’s upcoming home fixtures.

Following queries from the Trust members, the Club were asked why the visiting team’s starting line-up is not announced after the teams come onto the pitch. CM confirmed that this was a decision taken back in 2013 but will be reviewed at the end of the season.


The Club confirmed that Alex White has been appointed as the Club’s historian – a decision that has now been published on the Club’s website following this meeting. The Trust were consulted about this appointment and wish to congratulate Alex, who will be a fine successor to the sorely missed Dennis Turner.


Anne Ramage of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, who chairs the local safety advisory group, which covers Fulham, Queens Park Rangers and Chelsea, joined the meeting to discuss the safety advisory group’s role in licensing the stadium and regulating the actions of the Club, police and assessing the impact of games at Craven Cottage for the general public.

AR said that she had been encouraged by the work that Fulham Football Club had done in terms of making Craven Cottage a safe and welcoming venue for supporters during her time with the safety advisory group. She explained that the SAG’s role was to ensure that each agency was acting appropriately in line with the law and that, where games were categorised as high risk, that the level of policy and stewarding was proportionate to the fixture taking place. AM and DP said that they took Fulham’s role in ensuring the safety of all attendees at Craven Cottage very seriously, with DP confirming that he attended each SAG in line with his responsibilities as the Club’s chief operating officer.

AR stressed that she welcomed the input of supporters into the work of the SAG. The three local supporters’ trusts had all made submissions to the SAG around the work of the police and the local authority at home games in the past and representatives of the Trust are sent the agenda prior to each SAG meeting. The Trust representatives indicated that they have previously made representations on behalf of supporters concerning incidents that had taken place at matches in the past and that they continue to attend meetings organised by the Metropolitan Police’s Football Policing Unit.

The Trust committed to continue to work with Fulham Football Club, the Metropolitan Police, Hammersmith and Fulham Council and the Hammersmith and Fulham Safety Advisory Group to ensure that the voices of Fulham fans were heard regarding any decisions around policing and safety at Craven Cottage.

The meeting finished at 12.03pm

The Trust would like to apologise for the severely delayed dispatching of these notes to our members.

Thank you for your continued support of the Fulham Supporters' Trust

  1. About the Trust

  2. The Fulham Supporters' Trust began life as the Back to the Cottage campaign, formed after Fulham Football Club announced it had dropped plans to develop Craven Cottage on the lines of the planning permission received in February 2001.

  3. What began as a group of like-minded fans distributing leaflets and engaging the media to seek answers to a number of pertinent questions, soon developed into organisation campaigning under the Back to the Cottage banner. Following a well attended meeting at Hammersmith Town Hall, fans decided to establish a Supporters’ Trust, following the successful model in place at more than 100 clubs across England, Scotland and Wales.

  4. A series of meetings with local authority representatives, politicians and advice from planners, architects and business people helped the Trust put up a convincing case that, counter to the club's position, a return to Craven Cottage was not only viable, but the only way to secure Fulham's future. The campaign was helped by generous donations from Fulham fans and support from former Fulham players and coaches as well as the wider footballing community. The club announced on 3 September 2003 that they would return to Craven Cottage - and Fulham played their first competitive game back at their historic home against Bolton in August 2004.

  5. Since our return to the Cottage, the Trust has continued to have a dialogue with the club, holding regular meetings with club officials. The Trust is wholly independent of Fulham FC and was set up with the assistance of Supporters Direct, a government-funded initiative who aim to help fans “who wish to play a reasonable part in the life of the football club they support.” 

  6. The Trust have always been committed to helping to secure the long term future of the club and have focused largely on governance, supporter relations, ground development and the club's financial position. The Trust seek progress and success like every Fulham fan and remain extremely appreciative of our chairman. We are committed to working with Fulham FC, the local community, local authority and all other relevant stakeholders to ensure the long term viability of the club.


  8. The Trust would like to consult on the following draft objectives which have been ratified by the Committee:

  9. To secure the long-term future of Fulham Football Club at Craven Cottage

  10. To promote the history and heritage of Fulham Football Club and Craven Cottage

  11. To identify the issues affecting and interesting Fulham fans and the Trust membership and, if appropriate, run campaigns and ask questions of the relevant individuals and ask questions of the relevant individuals and organisations

  12. To establish the Fulham Supporters' Trust as the progressive and independent home of Fulham fans

  13. To boost our membership figures and develop an effective communication strategy with our membership via email, newsletters and the internet

  14. To publicise the Trust through the local and national media

  15. To continue to forge strong links with Fulham Football Club, the local authority and local decision makers, political figures and national supporters' bodies (such as Supporters' Direct and the Football Supporters' Federation) and take part in the appropriate campaigns for organisation.

  16. We would like to encourage all Fulham members, whether they are currently members of the Trust or not, to contribute their ideas and thoughts as we shape our campaigns for the forthcoming season. Fulham fans are invited to do this either by emailing the Trust directly on or using the form located in the 'Contact Us' section of the FST website.

  17. Trust Board

  18. The current elected Trust Board, comprises of:

  19. Tom Greatrex  • Chris Gilbertson  • Gerry Claydon • Neil Springate

  20. Dan Crawford • Mike Gregg • Gerry Pimm • Jamie Doak


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