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21 March 2018

From the getwestlondonnews website


This makes interesting reading

As a well known tabloid journalist might say “You just really couldn’t make it up”

Have a chuckle at the ridiculous objections some ‘residents’ uttered in objecting to the Riverside stand development, mostly truly misguided and laughable.

Fulham's proposed new Riverside Stand at Craven Cottage was given the green light by Hammersmith and Fulham Council's Planning Committee last night - but it was not without its objections.

The council received 355 representations to its consultations regarding the scheme, with 179 in support of the development, while 157 of those raised objections to the new stand.

Fulham are planning on demolishing the existing Riverside Stand and replacing it with a two-tier stand, increasing the capacity of Craven Cottage to 29,589 - an increase of 3,889.

As well as that, the new stand will have nine apartments incorporated into the stand and will have a riverside walkway linking the existing path from Bishop's Park and the path behind the Hammersmith Stand.

However, despite the council granting planning permission to the project, there were some objections to it - we've picked out some of the best reasons why people thought the Riverside Stand shouldn't have been given the go-ahead.

• Food and beverage will be noisy and light spill will affect the wildlife (eg bats)

• Removal of trees

• FFC should relocate to another area

• Riverwalk will encroach into the River and destroy this area

• Riverwalk should not be on public land

• Sets unwanted precedent

• Use of Bishops Park for construction compound is inappropriate

• Two-three years loss of Bishops Park is unacceptable to allow construction

• Impacts of queuing within Bishops Park which is a public facility

• Bishops Park will not be able to be used by the public to its full extent

• Stand is out of keeping with Grade II listed stand and low-rise houses in the conservation area

• Unsympathetic structure which will ruin the riverside skyline

• Drawings do not make it easy to envisage impact

• Increase in noise and air pollution from more coaches

• Match day disturbance from spectators (noise and nuisance)

• C1 and commercial uses are not football related

• The extent of commercial uses and events was concealed by FFC during the public consultation

• Looms over residential properties and reduces sense of openness

• Impacts on privacy from the residential unit/serviced apartments balconies/roof garden on adjoining properties

• The proposed stadium is out of scale and the design is not appropriate

• Construction will have a detrimental impact on the park and river

• Public transport will be overwhelmed

• Impacts of smell/odours from the proposed restaurants

• Impact to sailing on river

• Closure of sailing clubs

• Increased light pollution from stadium floodlights

• Negative visual impacts on the river and amenity of the riverside

• Proposed architecture does not respond to the existing architecture of the local area

• Residential apartments are not an acceptable use on the site and are not affordable

• Not sufficient time to comment on the application

• Number of events is excessive

• Church needs to approve use of Bishops Park

  1. Increase in crime

Every one of these objectors totally misses the irony in that when they bought their properties, the Ground had been hosting matches since before any of them were born, let alone living in the area, as there were absolutely no domestic properties near Craven Cottage when the ground was built. See the page “CRAVEN COTTAGE The old cottage”.

Most points are misinformed or totally inaccurate if not plain fiction.

billp TOOFIF

18 March 2018

From the Mail website

Neil Warnock slams 'scandalous' decision to call off Cardiff's game at Derby due to snow:

'Car parks are clear, shops are open... it's a disgrace!'

Derby's Championship clash with Cardiff was called off on Sunday due to snow

The announcement was made less than four hours before the midday kick-off

Cardiff boss Neil Warnock was left furious with the 'scandalous' decision

'Obviously there is snow but I think it's a disgrace quite frankly,' Warnock said.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5515171/Warnock-SLAMS-scandalous-decision-call-Cardiff-vs-Derby.html#ixzz5A7Tp7pSR

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“Having travelled up to Pride Park in similar conditions to find the pitch and stadium area perfect, I am inclined to sympathise with Old Eyebrows on this one”.


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  3. • The name speaks for it really!

  4. http://hammyend.com/

  5. • The Independent Fulham Forum, they’ve been around for a while now.

  6. http://www.voy.com/13865/

  7. • Stats site, according to EUFA’s Team Rankings, odd to see Wigan ranked at 101 and West Ham 108 with Sampdoria at 123!

  8. https://kassiesa.home.xs4all.nl/bert/uefa/data/method4/trank2017.html

  9. •️ Take a sniff of nostalgia back to when when bad music ruled (it’s a tongue in cheek homage), nobody born after 1960 need apply!

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At last news on the Riverside redevelopment

Last night’s decision paves the way for the revamped Cottage

  1. billp TOOFIF

  2. 21 March 2018

The Fulham Supporters' Trust are delighted to inform our members that Hammersmith and Fulham Council granted planning permission for Fulham Football Club's plans to increase the capacity of Craven Cottage to 29,600 seats by redeveloping the Riverside Stand at tonight's Planning and Development Committee meeting at Hammersmith Town Hall.

Commenting on Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s approval for a new riverside stand at Craven Cottage, Chair of Fulham Supporters’ Trust, Tom Greatrex, said:

“This is an important decision for the future of Fulham Football Club, and keeping Fulham’s football team at the heart of our historic community of Fulham. Most local people value what the club brings to the community, and better facilities and opening up the river walk are benefits to the club, fans and community. Fulham fans want to see the club to continue to engage with and respect our neighbours as this new stand is built, so we can all continue to benefit from our unique and historic setting for decades to come."

The Trust welcomes this news and looks forward to working with Fulham Football Club, local residents, our members and all Fulham fans as we move towards the implementation of these ambitious plans.

Thank you for your continued support of the Fulham Supporters' Trust

  1. COYW!

Typical! our winning home run
comes to an end at the hands of QPR

But on the bright side, we’re now 16 games unbeaten so it could be worse

  1. billp TOOFIF

  2. 17 March 2018

  3. Oh well, we had another game of two halves and that’s a shame. To chuck away a two goal lead in the fashion that we did is galling to say the least but there were signs that the team were not firing too smoothly on all cylinders despite doing enough to control the first half. How ironic too that it was a rash challenge by our Skipper that allowed QPR back in to the game in the dying seconds of injury time at the end of the first half, he’s been pretty good this season to say the least.

  4. Despite our being below the level we’ve seen for the last 18 games, we still deserved that two goal cushion and despite the late setback, once again, totally dominated possession 74 to 26%. The domination of the game went in Fulham’s favour after the final whistle, despite having ceded a lot more of the ball to our neighbours

  5. That this feels almost as bitter as a defeat seems rather odd, I mean we still managed to end the day in third place thanks to Bolton’s win over Villa but the real damage to our prospects of automatic promotion is the two points further away we now are from Cardiff. It’s obviously a very Fulhamish climax we have in store for the remainder of this season so I reckon we’ll have to dust ourselves down, buckle up and just get on with it!

  6. COYW!

Well, nothing lasts forever

And we realised that the fantastic performances and results we’ve witnessed since the de-Kline could end at any game

  1. billp TOOFIF

  2. 17 March 2018

  3. So today’s home game against our old mates from Loftus Road seemed a good place for the fall. With the  benefit of hindsight, it could have been worse. That second half performance was a horrible echo of so much that we’ve witnessed in the last few seasons and frankly to come out of it with a point, whether deserved or not, was actually a bonus.

Yup, TOOFIF’s back again!

A sort of belated catch-up

  1. billp TOOFIF

  2. 17 March 2018

  3. Odd really, I’ve been there through thick and thin, ok, mostly thin since the year dot but the last few seasons have really tested my whole Fulham Supporting life, the second half of last season was a wonderful revelation,

  4. The first months of this season were definitely not confidence inspiring, inconsistent and sometimes disjointed, all the old evils were in plain view.

  5. For the season to transform, once the restrictions of a non-football phoney’s influence on transfers was finally resolved, was very revealing. It seemed that a veil had been lifted and a new swagger was brought to the surface. Tim Ream became a major part of the defence, the new blood brought in over the January window slotted in brilliantly.

  6. Best of all, the nature of our play almost instantly did the impossible, it was pretty, intelligent, skillful and effective and away fixtures were no longer dreaded, a draw seemed a loss, the last time we experienced these sort of feelings seemed stone age history.

  7. Losing has never put me off, that’s a given or I would probably have given up even before I was old enough to know better. No, first I grew to resent the Premier-led mentality of the way football is served up in the SKY-Years, then the fact that some of those serving the clubs and being paid ridiculous amounts of money to put on the shirt didn’t alway display the sort of commitment that others showed.

  8. That the armchair fan in some far-flung continent is more valuable now to the Money Men running English football than even a moderately interested attended in person at an English stadium also stuck in the craw somewhat.

  9. Anyway, rant over, my love for Fulham is undiminished, I might hate what I watch rather a lot  and being an old fogey now I suppose that comes with the territory, but Craven Cottage  has such a strong hold over me that whatever else I’m still here.

  10. So here is a sort of a relaunch of the TOOFIF site for the second time again.

  11. When David and I first chatted about a web representation for TOOFIF to supplement the Mag, I must confess that I was unsure as to how we could really develop it. For starters, the TOOFIF publication is 100% a labour of love and literally, blood, sweat and tears for Mr Lloyd and with the time, commitment and his own financial input, there was no way we could reproduce each printed magazine in facsimile on the internet, obviously that would merely duplicate what the fans have bought and would adversely affect sales to non-regulars.

  12. We hadn’t intended to give match reports or host a message board. That stuff is more than adequately catered for elsewhere, though I did eventually post weekly biased TOOFIF match reports and published those from contributors but this became unbelievably time consuming, another reason I halted work on the site. Therefore, from now on there will probably be some of those but not a concise report of every game. We’ll just give a brief TOOFIF slant to all things FFC with a highlight on the Cottage which is a burning issue to all of us obviously at the moment.

  13. That’s it really, I’ll update this front page regularly and maybe re-instate some of the pages that we had before, like the Fans’ pics and images supplied from contributors regularly, it’s over to you lot to send stuff in so let me and David know what you want.

  14. Email: dml@toofif.co.uk     billp@toofif.co.uk

  15. Anyway, for now the pages relating to the Cottage are here, pertinent with what is going on at the moment!

  16. I hope to see some of you (yup, we’ve sold our 2,000 allocation) at Carrow Road on Friday 30 March.


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Championship table widget courtesy of https://www.fctables.com/england/championship/

  1. A little Derby hospitality on a cold day

  1. It was only 0-1 when this was taken

  1. Hard Targett; right on the nose!

What’s been said in the media continued


PUBLISHED: 21:02, 17 March 2018 | UPDATED: 21:02, 17 March 2018

Fulham and Villa slip up in promotion race

LONDON, March 17 (Reuters) - Hopes of automatic promotion to the Premier League receded for Fulham and Aston Villa as both squandered points at the top of the Championship on Saturday.

Fulham let slip a two-goal lead to draw 2-2 at home to west London rivals Queens Park Rangers while Villa suffered a second loss in a week, going down 1-0 at struggling Bolton Wanderers.

Leaders Wolverhampton Wanderers will soon be celebrating their return to the top flight after a 3-1 defeat of Burton Albion moved them six points clear of second-placed Cardiff City and 13 ahead of third-placed Fulham.

Only the top two go up automatically.

Fulham set a new club record of 16 league games undefeated but were kicking themselves after surrendering a two-goal lead at Craven Cottage.

Goals by Tom Cairney and Lucas Piazon put them in control but QPR replied in first-half stoppage time through Massimo Luongo's volley before Pawel Wszolek levelled after the break.

They are seven points behind in-form Cardiff, who (should have) face(d) playoff hopefuls Derby County on Sunday chasing an eighth successive league win, see Warnock’s Whine in the previous piece.

"We cannot be satisfied. I am not here to fight for records, I am here to win the games," said Fulham manager Slavisa Jokanovic. "We didn't win. I cannot be satisfied.

"We had it under control, but the first goal they scored caused important damage."

Villa beat Wolves last weekend but then lost at home to QPR and slumped again against Bolton, who moved six points clear of the bottom three thanks to Adam Le Fondre's goal.

Third-from-bottom Birmingham City's survival hopes got a lift as they beat Hull City 3-0 but bottom club Sunderland are losing touch after a 2-0 home defeat by Preston North End.

"We're only one win away from changing it round but you'd write us off because we keep making mistakes and we're not rising to the challenge," manager Chris Coleman said.

Preston are now only two points off Middlesbrough, who occupy the last of the promotion playoff spots.us:

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/reuters/article-5513805/Soccer-Fulham-Villa-slip-promotion-race.html#ixzz5A7VXSWl6

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