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billp TOOFIF Updated Friday, 5 October 2018


The brand new TOOFIF

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David Lloyd TOOFIF Friday, 5 October 2018

A little info about the forthcoming TOOFIF Book

This fan’s-eye view covers the most dramatic 30 years in Fulham FC’s history, during which London’s oldest professional football club plumbed the depths before embarking on a remarkable renaissance.

As Fulham’s fortunes nosedived, the diehard supporters never lost faith; their rearguard actions, fortitude and expertise ensured that FFC not only survived but did so with renewed hope.

Astute team management earned promotion from the basement division and heralded an astonishing upswing: Fulham were propelled back into the top flight and, incredibly, to a major European final to boot.

For years FFC’s historic Thames-side home, picturesque Craven Cottage, was under threat. Supporters valiantly kept the issue alive, yet were powerless to prevent an enforced, but unwanted, sojourn at QPR.

Thankfully, after two seasons in limbo, the Club returned to the Cottage, by now gloriously revamped.

FFC’s magnificent top-flight exploits should have cemented their seemingly established Premier League position. However, a series of appalling decisions clouded by a change of ownership undid all that good work – Fulham not only slipped back meekly into the Championship but very nearly dropped into the third tier before the ship was steadied. With lessons learned, the Club made a triumphant return to the top flight in May 2018 via a memorable Play-off win at Wembley.

During the mid’90s, Fulham FC slumped to 91st of 92 in the football pyramid and near-oblivion. Property developers, their bulldozers and even general neglect perennially threatened Fulham’s picturesque Thames-side home, Craven Cottage. But the Club’s diehard supporters never gave up hope, and their considerable rearguard actions helped to save the day.

Improvements on the pitch attracted a “white knight” backer and, astonishingly, FFC were propelled back to the top flight in 2001, and even to a major European final in 2010.

In March 1988 the fanzine There’s Only One F In Fulham (TOOFIF) was launched and its editor has been closely involved with the Club’s ups and downs, often directly so, and has chatted to a host of FFC personnel. Several, such as Tom Cairney, George Cohen, Chris Coleman, Mohamed Al Fayed, Jimmy Hill, Brede Hangeland, Johnny Haynes, Roy Hodgson, Ray Lewington and Jean Tigana, are household names in the world of football and beyond.

In short, the TOOFIF editor has tracked the whole 30-year rollercoaster journey...

If all goes to plan, the book will be ready for despatch by mid-November – watch out for news of a book launch hosted by the Fulham Supporters’ Trust.

Foreword by Ray Lewington

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