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Just before the TOOFIF Book was officially launched at the FST hosted event in November, Editor David Lloyd was interviewed on Radio 5 Live. Apologies for the delay but we now have a copy on the Home Page. Click the Play Button below to have a listen:

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The Little Windsor

13 Greyhound Road Sutton Surrey SM1 4BY

Tel: 020 8643 2574

A proper local pub, in Sutton, football friendly and which shows all Fulham games as well as many of the other Premier League games, European fixtures and  International matches.

It's a Fullers House but also offers guest beers, and boasts a superb wine and spirit list in addition to great cocktails.

Hot food, sandwiches  and snacks are available throughout the day. Our Chefs can create an unbeatable range of affordable, superb dishes at lunch times and evenings.

The Little Windsor has three screens, showing a wide range of televised sporting events including a full itinerary of football matches. The Premier League is featured and we show all of the best games including live Saturday kick-offs, showing every Fulham game where permitted.

To see the scheduled matches for October, click this link to visit the TOOFIF Outlets Page where they are listed in the Little Windsor piece.

Little Windsor google link

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Get your FFC Stats fix here

Little Windsor

This popular pub in Sutton is one of our TOOFIF Outlets and the Governor is a Fulham fan, where regulations permit they show Fulham games on the telly, this link is the Fullers page for the pub

The Hammy End

The name speaks for it really!

The Fulham Independent

The Independent Fulham Forum, they’ve been around for a while now.

News Now

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Coulio's brilliant T-shirt site


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It's quite obvious what this site is for!

Who ate all the pics

This site has some excellent historical photos of Craven cottage and other stadiums, or should that be stadia?

Fulham Web

A fan’s site that’s been around for 20 years now

An early TOOFIF site

I was surprised when this popped up in a Google search for some 'Minder' material, it was before David had managed to secure the TOOFIF URL names from the Rivals people that had set up the Football Message Boards back then. It makes interesting reading regarding what was happening at the time, Lukaku a transfer target!. It really shouldn't be there as I stopped hosting that years back/



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   The  Whites  v Spurs

More promise demolished!

We were better than the result infers!

We lose at home again but take a deserved lead. Spurs score all the goals but it's an encouraging performance from the Whites.

The biased TOOFIF Match review can be found in the Match Review Section on the relevant page.

This game will also be shown live on the TV at the Little Windsor, handy if anyone has to work on matchday!

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All FFC games, Home and Away are televised live, when possible,

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   The  Whites  v Spurs

More promise demolished!

We were better than the result infers!

We lose at home again but take a deserved lead. Spurs score all the goals but it's an encouraging performance from the Whites.

The biased TOOFIF Match review can be found in the Match Review Section on the relevant page.


Millwall v FFC Carbao Cup
Everton v FFC
Huddersfield Town v FFC
Liverpool FC v FFC
FFC v Southampton
Manchester City v FFC
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Will our woes ever end?

Another cruel defeat after a great performance

So we still sit second from bottom still on a measly 14 points. Plainly things are not good right now and with things so shaky, I certainly do no wish to upset the apple cart, rock the boat or chuck more such clichés into the mix.

However, one has to wonder how much worse it could possibly get. One of my fellow suffererbuddies has observed that “When we were relegated last time around, we had a squad of good players who didn’t try, now we have a bunch f not very good players trying very hard”.

We still have to remember that the team is one where none of the players that were recruited in the summer were of Jokanovic’s choosing, player recruitment had been a consistent bone of contention from the day of his appointment and he was on the verge of walking out more than once as a result.

This was one of the underlying causes for his problems at Fulham, the footballing decisions were being made by a naïve inexperienced entity surrounded by similarly clueless individuals whose concept of sport is completely alien to the weird world of English Professional football

I've heard quite a lot said about acquisitions in the January window but can't help thinking back to our weird Summer experiences in the transfer market, through necessity, we required an almost complete new team but let's face it, the results haven't, so far, justified the enormous outlay, coupled with the decision to abandon a good many of the remaining heroes of last season’s campaign we stuck a collection of individuals in and pressed the button, no wonder we’re where we are now..

The team is crying out for a real midfield ball winner and playmaker, Tom Cairney does his best but it's hard for him when the players around him can't hold the ball or know how to stop the opposition when we are not in possession. He has, when he's been fit (and am I alone in sensing that he is only around 60% right at the moment?), He needs a companion to do the donkey work alongside him. John Seri has been a massive (or should I say miniature) enigma, he’s been very disappointing so far this season. Schürrle has obvious class, he’s often able to do one incredible thing in a match , however, for 89 minutes he just doesn’t contribute, he can’t run, can’t tackle and at times might as well be a scarecrow.

As for the January transfer window, with the summer disaster still being sorely rubbed in our faces, it can’t be taken for granted that buying more unheard of, past their best or desperate mercenary misfits would solve any problems. Having said that, Ryan Babel had a promising debut, not convinced that swapping him for Ryan Sessegnon was the best optiom, Schürrle had already done his wonder act so would have been a more fitting exchange for young Sess, besides the thought of two bustling and devious front men being supplemented by our young dynamo seemed to be something worth watching. There again, we should be accustomed to weird substitutions by now.

It's as if the whole ensemble of players have been assembled as a painting by numbers, each having his own merits but the mix has been shoved together with no plan as to how they could blend into a cohesive unit, such was the haste of it all.

At times it seems to click and going forward glimpses of our best play from last season emerge but too often once the ball goes to the rival side, we have been very vulnerable maybe that's the problem, the choice of players is down to 'Spreadsheet Player Acquisition', it doesn't look as though too much old-fashioned scouting has taken place with some of the current incomers this season.

Ho, hum, not a lot we can do now is hang on and hope Claudio can get the confidence back into the squad because the situation will soon become unsalvageable.

FFC v Oldham Athletic
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